Fred Elieh

Artistic Director

Born in Tehran, Iran, Fred came to the United States at the age of nine. He lived in Modesto before moving to San Jose in 1996 where he earned his Bachelors of Science degree from San Jose State University. At the same time, he immediately began involving himself in the Assyrian community. 

As a proud member of the San Jose-based Nineveh choir, Fred has participated in many concerts and performances in the Assyrian community.  In recent years, he produced “Nineveh”, a DVD of the song he wrote and performed dedicated to raising awareness of our fellow brothers and sisters in present day Iraq. In collaboration with the Assyrian Aid Society of America, all the proceeds from the sale of the DVD were distributed to our people in need throughout our homeland. Most recently he directed the musical Malek Rama which premiered at the 2012 Mesopotamian Night event. He has a very deep and fond admiration for the Assyrian Aid Society. 

It is evident in his unselfish approach and dedication for the Mesopotamian Night project year after year. While he enjoys the artistic and humanitarian portions of the event, his true motivation is the coming together of a community for such a noble cause.