Mesopotamian Night Animator

Yoisp Sayoda was helping us tirelessly to create the animated backdrops for the Maam Shallou production all the way from Sydney Australia

GHAZI ASSAKER Artwork at Mesopotamian Night 2017

The latest talent added to our program! Mr. Ghazi Assaker has been known by many Assyrians, especially in the Central Valley, for his amazing artwork, seen for many years at Assyrian festivals and events. We are thrilled to finally have the chance to feature his art at the 10th Annual Mesopotamian Night on October 7th in San Jose. 

A Chat with Linda George for Mesopotamian Night 2017

We are thrilled to announce that the legendary singer Linda George is to perform again at our Tenth Anniversary Mesopotamian Night Gala to be held on October 7, 2017, at the historic and beautiful California Theatre in San Jose, California. 

Assyrian sculptor Fred Parhad works to be auctioned at Mesopotamian Night 2017 San Jose

Fred Parhad is a self-taught sculptor with over 35 years of professional dedication to his work. From the start he chose to approach the art world in the only way he believed could produce satisfactory results; he challenged himself to learn by doing. In 1976 he moved to New York and for the next four years worked in foundries to learn the techniques and traditions of a craft well over five thousand years old.   

Jelbert Karami’s Artwork featured at Mesopotamian Night 2017

In addition to the the contribution that Mesopotamian Night has made to revive Assyrian music, it was important for us to promote Assyrian visual arts.  This year we are proud to feature the work of the very talented Assyrian Artist Mr. Jelbert Karami

How the Maam Shallou “Operatorio” Came into Existence (By Samuel Khangaldy)

Rev. Samuel Khangaldy by all accounts is a prolific musician and composer. He has tirelessly contributed to the Mesopotamian Night project, through original compositions, orchestration for symphony orchestra, and coaching of choir group since 2009. His major original compositions commissioned by our team are the following: the overture for Gilgamesh Oratorio, the Tragedy of Badri, the New Mesopotamia Choir song and now his latest the Maam Shallou Operatorio to be premiered on October 7, 2017 at the California Theater in San Jose.   

NINEVEH AND JERUSALEM: For Verdi and Assyrians

The Mesopotamian Night project has made unique contributions to cultural and artistic progress. Each of our creations, from reviving the ancient epics of Inanna and Gilgamesh, to the other not well known stories such as Qateeni, Ninous-Shamiram, and Badri depict a unique aspect of Assyrian culture and arts. Premiering works such as the Little Lantern of a Palestinian writer as a modern ballet production, or the Sari Galin piece (mostly with Azari and Armenian roots) with an Assyrian taste, weaved our deep connection to other Middle Eastern cultures. In the article below Dr. Eden Naby talks about our latest contribution: the Assyrian version of “The Chorus of Hebrew Slaves” from the opera Nabucco, connecting us to yet another important component of Middle Eastern cultures.


Dr. Eden Naby and her late husband professor Richard Frye have been a supporter and sponsor of the Mesopotamian Night project since its inception in 2007. She has contributed over $100,000 in the past ten years toward our project. She has also helped us with research, articles, and content creation. In the article below, she gives us some insight about the Nabucco Opera and the Chorus of Hebrew slaves which will be premiered in Mesopotamian Night 2017 in San Jose, California.

Abboud Zeitoune Book Signing at Mesopotamian Night 2017

We are delighted to announce that Mr. Abboud Zeitoune, the subject matter expert on modern Assyrian music, songs and recording artists history, will be joining us in Calfornia Theater lobby on October 7th for book signing.