The Mesopotamian Night Content: Available Online

We are glad to announce that most of Mesopotamian Night content is now available through on demand section. The current selection includes MN2008, MN2009, MN2010, MN2012, MN2013, MN2014 and the last and newest release MN2015.

Commentary on David Elian and the Poem “Mam Shallou”

The poem "Mam Shallou" is used as the basis for the creation of an Operatorio with the same name for Mesopotamian Night 2017 production in San Jose.  In the article below, Mr. Marcel Josephson gives a historical and literary review of the poem. Mr. Marcel Josephson has been a sponsor, and a consulting scholar for the Mesopotamian Night project. In December 2016, after a consultation with Mr. Josephson, we decided to choose this poem as a basis for our 2017 production.  


Aramaic Music in San Jose?!

Have heard of Aramaic? Do you know the difference between Aramaic and Armenian? Aramaic and Armenian are as different as Hebrew and Russian. Aramaic, like Hebrew, is a Semitic language of huge historical significance.

Modern Assyrian Music Choirs; A short timeline

The history of choirs can be traced to millennia before Christ. It is known that in ancient Assyria there were choirs accompanying musicians in processions. After converting to Christianity many kind of musical presentations disappeared.

Elena Akopova to perform at Mesopotamian Night 2016

Our program inspires individuals such as pianist Elena Akopova who came to the US to continue her piano studies at the San Francisco Conservatory of Music under professor Mack McCray, and in the process reignited her passion for Assyrian history, culture, and identity.

Dr. Eden Naby article about Mesopotamian Night in an Academic Newsletter

Modern Aramaic makes a comeback as a language of entertainment By Eden Naby In 2007 when at the FEL annual conference (Kuala Lumpur) the participants adopted a resolution recognizing Aramaic as the oldest continuously written and spoken language of the Middle East, Assyrians, the main speakers of modern Aramaic, were already on the run for their lives in Iraq.