I first heard Rev. Samuel Khangaldy’s music at the 2009 Mesopotamian Nights production. It was the overture from the oratorio Gilgamesh and it was good stuff. The overture, about 15 minutes or so long, uses long and luscious lines in the tradition of the great symphonic poems by Tchaikovsky, Smetana, Liszt and Sibelius. “Surprise is the greatest gift which life can grant us,” said Boris Pasternak, and the Rev. Khangaldy’s music was such a gift.


In the following article, Obelit Yadgar summarizes better than everyone else, the vision behind our Mesopotamian Night project. We are glad, he is back contributing to what he has passion for: promoting Assyrian Performing Arts.

“The Epic of Ishtar-Tammuz” in Honor of late Rabi Simon Amirkhas

The 6th Annual Mesopotamian Night (2013) to Present “The Epic of Ishtar-Tammuz” in Honor of late Rabi Simon Amirkhas. Sadly, Rabi Simon Amirkhas did not live long to witness his song performed by new and wonderful arrangements for the symphony orchestra by Honiball Yousef

Mesopotamian Night 2012 DVD Finalist at CreaTiVi Awards

On January 18, 2014, the community media center "CreaTV San Jose", announced the winners of its "2013 CreaTiVe Awards" in a ceremony held at the California Theatre in San Jose, CA. 

The Assyrian Aid Society of America "Mesopotamian Night 2012" film of the Malek Rama musical, with sound and video editing by Charles Pakbaz, was selected as a finalist in the "Non-profit 31+ minutes - Feature" category.