5th Annual Mesopotamian Night - Video DVD

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DVD-1 Includes the full performance of the musical: "Malek Rama: The Handsome Prince"

Malek Rama: The Handsome Prince

Poet: Hannibal Alkhas, Composer: Edwin Elieh

If I Were A Queen

Be My Queen “And Bear My Child"

The Newborn Is A Monster

My Almighty Savior “You Will Be Rewarded?” 

Sailors’ First Visit With Malek Rama

You Will Become A Mosquito To See Your Dad

Transformation Into A Mosquito

Sailors Witnessed A Colorful City

Cook Describes A Magical Tree

Dove Grants Malek Rama’s First Wish

Sailors’ Second Visit, With Malek Rama

You Will Become A Wasp To See Your Dad

Transformation Into A Wasp

Sailors Witnessed A Miraculous Hazelnut Tree

Nanareekha Talks About A Beautiful Girl

Dove Becomes A Beautiful Girl

Narrative-Malek Rama Happy With Transformation

Mother’s Prayer For Malek Rama And His Wife

Sailors’ Third Visit With Malek Rama

Sailors Saw Malek Rama’s Beautiful Wife

The Magical City

DVD-2 Includes the Assyrian songs of Vania David and Misha Ashoorian.

Assyrian Classics: Misha and Vania

Lyrics: Misha Ashoorian, Composer: Vania David, Orchestrator: Edwin Elieh

In Teleh Youma (The Last Day) – Lazar Malko

Broona d’Shimsha (Son Of The Eastern Sun) - Rita Davoud

Zeega d’Oomraneh (The Sound Of The Bells) (Churches Bell) – Salem Safo

Khamra d’Shawa Shineh (Seven-Year Wine) – Tony Gabriel

La Khoosh Kislee Poosh (Don’t Leave Me) – Jowan David

Romina - Jowan David And Lazar Malko

Aal Aina (By The Mountain Spring) – Salem Safo

Betan Le Leh Qoorbokhoon (The Neighbors) - Rita Davoud And Tony Gabriel

Nazaneh - Jowan David And Salem Sefo

Qasra d’Matleh (Legendary Castle) - Tony Gabriel

Al Roomyateh d'Qeeneh d'Nineveh (Nineveh's Green Hills) - Full Cast

DVD has extra features including exclusive interviews, event speeches, achievement awards and the song "In Qood'meh lit" which is not included on the audio CD

 “Release date: December 2013”