Audio CD - 2nd Annual Mesopotamian Night

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CD ONE: Classic Music & Opera 

The Star-Spangled Banner

Roomrama Nineveh

The Memories of Fatherland


Tears of the Beloved

Gilgamesh Assyrian Opera (Overture, Bull of the Heaven)

Inanna: An Opera of Ancient Sumer (excerpts, English)

I, The Lady

Ballet: The Huluppu Tree

The Drinking Song

CD TWO: Walter Aziz 

Khiltit D'Omtan (Mistakes of our Nation)

Khayin (Unfaithful)

Tera D'Khoubba (Love Bird)

Ana Yadin Mani Eawin (I Know Who I Am)

Parpoolen Biakh (I am Beggin You)

Guitari (My Guitar)

Lewa Shoopro (It Wasn't Her Beauty)

Yama Shleeta (Calm Sea)

Tanzara (Folk Dance)

Riqdit D'Khouyada (Unity Dance)

CD THREE: Ashur Bet Sargis 

Bratad Shamiram (Daughter of Samiramis)

Alo La Metdeeli (Could Not Reach Her)

Tanee Le Luy Luy (Sing Me a Lullaby)

Len Bikhshawa (I Don't Think So)

Sara D'Matan (Our Village's Moon)

Dakhy Ghamshoghatly & Dor Kissly(how You Left Me & Return to Me)

Gipta D'Anweh (Grapevine)

Tdowa/Righda Ghalibota/Prokh Rama (Wish/Dance of Victory/Fly High)


“Release date: April 2009”